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Helpful Hints for maintaining Furnace & Air Conditioner

#1 reason for a needless service call - Dirty filters. Furnaces and air conditioning systems need air flow to work properly. If air flow is restricted:

- furnaces will short cycle (turn on and off repeatedly during heating cycle)
air conditioning systems will freeze up at the coil above the furnace and no air will get through.

*Change the filter regularly during the heating and cooling season (if you have air conditioning) to avoid this problem and save wear and tear on your system. Short cycling is especially hard on ignitors and control boards.

Tips to save money on heating and air conditioning -

  1. Have adequate insulation in your attic. There should be 14" of insulation in the attic. This will help tremendously to keep the inside temperatures as comfortable as possible both in heating and cooling season.
  2. Look for cracks and/or openings around windows that can be sealed (with caulking) to keep outside air where it belongs.
  3. Put air where you need it, not in the furnace room. Use your hand to feel for leaks around and above the furnace- you may be surprised what you find. Buy a roll of metal tape from your local hardware store (not duct tape- it dries up and doesn't stick very long) wipe any dust off the duct and seal the leaks with the metal tape.

Contact us if you have any questions about these tests or if you find something you would like us to check out. We can run additional tests to make sure your systems are operating at peak condition. Back to Home page >> Specials >> Referrals

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